Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter

Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter (CTCP) 3.0 CEU $298
The Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter (CTCP) is designed so that its graduates will have the skills to
correctly and confidently present patients during virtual encounters with physicians and a variety of specialists.
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PREREQUISITE: The CTCP must be clinically trained to complete a basic exam.

CTCP Certification includes the following modules:

  1. Telemedicine/TeleHealth Essentials
  2. Telemedicine Clinical Applications: Live Video and Store & Forward
  3. Telemedicine Consultation: Before, During and After
  4. Video Conferencing Etiquette, Record Keeping, and Maintaining Presenter Skills
  5. The Attributes of a Successful Telemedicine Program and the Promotion & Advancement of Telehealth
  6. Remote Patient Monitoring
  7. .Mobile Technologies and Cloud Computing


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this certification, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the main drivers behind the expanding application of telehealth.
  • Define telehealth and telemedicine.
  • Describe the benefits of telehealth.
  • Define the presenting/patient site and provider site.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the telehealth team at the presenting/ patient site.
  • Describe the two clinical telemedicine applications: live video or live interactive telemedicine encounter
    and store and forward
  • Describe steps for a live telemedicine video encounter / consultation
  • Describe steps for a store and forward telemedicine consultation
  • Describe the telemedicine exam room and set up.
  • Describe the telemedicine encounter before, during and after the telemedicine consultation.
  • Define appropriate video conferencing etiquette for the patient presenter.
  • Explain the necessity to take measures to maintain telemedicine skills.
  • Describe the importance of good record keeping.
  • Define the attributes of a successful telemedicine program.
  • Describe specific criteria for measuring a successful telemedicine program.
  • Recognize that the goal of marketing is the promotion and advancement of telehealth.
  • Identify the different groups/organizations to target for telehealth marketing.
  • Identify the benefits that telehealth brings to the different targeted audiences.
  • Describe a variety of mobile devices used to deliver healthcare services and the methodologies associated
    with clinical consultations.
  • Describe mobile device security best practices.
  • Discuss how to clean a mobile device.
  • Describe “the cloud” and how it applies to telehealth services.


Learning Outcomes Standard: Based upon the national standard for a Certified Telehealth Clinical Presenter.

Learning Outcomes Conditions:

    Complete self-paced certification in its entirety.
    Complete certification within 30 days.
    Pass all quizzes and final with 80% or better.

You will receive a completion certificate with 0.3 CEU/3 credit hours for this course when all Learning Outcomes Conditions have been met.

Approximate Learning Time: 3 – 5 hours

This certification course is online and will take 3-5 hours. You will have 30 days to complete this certification.
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