Business of Medicine

Business of Medicine Pocket MBA Certificate 16.0 CME $399.99

The Business of Medicine Pocket MBA Certificate Program began at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2013 and has seen more than 500 students enrolled and well over 6,000 AMA PRA Cat 1 credits awarded by our growing list of CME partners.  The program was created by a team of MBA level business trained physicians who spent careers seeing patients and understand the challenges of your practice. You will receive a working knowledge of the business side of medicine that far surpasses anything in the CME market today.  It is ideal for those in private practice as well as hospital employed.


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Financial Decision Making in Healthcare Practice Certificate 5.0 CME $229.00

In healthcare, informed financial decisions are closely aligned with patient outcomes.  The more efficiently resources are gathered and used, the better the patient experience.  This program, consisting of 5 courses, will address the finance knowledge we all should have received as part of our medical education.  The skills will improve the decision making skill that you employ every day.


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Medication Compliance: Truth and Consequences 1.5 CME $99.99

This course brings attention to the epidemic of medication non-adherence.  It also introduces clinical practice improvement techniques, proven successful in the corporate world, to offer a template under which every provider can improve medication compliance in their practice.  By the time you earn your  CME credits you will have acquired a new skill that can be used to solve wide ranging problems.  You will also have a step by step recipe to improve non-adherence that is robbing your practice of time and resources and in turn robbing patients of their health.


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COVID 19 Practice Management Kit 3.5 CME $199.99

Our greatest problems during the COVID 19 pandemic are not clinical.  They are all about the business processes under which we practice.  The biggest problem is staying in business and providing high quality care to our patients.  The two courses in the series:

  • COVID 10 Pandemic Management
  • COVID 19 Practice Survival Kit

Will refresh your COVID 19 pandemic knowledge base and then address the crisis management business skills needed to sustain your practice during the second wave and well into the future.


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Business Skills In Healthcare Practice: Financial Communication 1.25 CME $59.99

With this CME activity, you will acquire the skill of understanding and evaluating the financial inner workings of your organization or the organization you may soon be joining.  Purchasing new equipment, hiring another physician, budgeting, resource allocation, it all begins here with the financial statements.  Good decision making begins with sound financial information.

This course is presented using a virtual classroom that is available 24/7/365 on any device you use to connect and any network.


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Business Skills In Healthcare Practice: The Budget 1.25 CME $59.99

This course will take the mystery out of the budget in your organization and empower you to add your voice to how and where resources are allocated.  If you want to insure your patients get good care, involve yourself in the budget.  When those who see patients every day are allowed into the budget process, patient outcomes improve. We begin with just enough accounting basics to allow you to understand where the budget numbers come from. Just like knowing the underlying cause of disease helps it treatment so does knowing the foundation of finance. Pre and post testing, video presentations and interactive discussion with colleagues will enhance your learning experience.


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Business Skills In Healthcare Practice: Negotiation 2.0 CME $99.99

This course concentrates on the negotiating skills that every provider of healthcare needs, no matter their practice setting.Negotiation is a business skill that all physicians need to possess.  All providers negotiate on many different levels every day.  Improving your skill allows for greater effectiveness in your relationship to other business entities, colleagues, employees and patients.  This tutorial will examine the healthcare negotiating process.  We discuss the technique of effective negotiation; how to prepare, how to conduct the negotiation itself, and important factors to consider once the negotiation is complete.   With this tutorial, you will level the playing field and assure a fair and productive outcome to your next negotiation.


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Business Skills In Healthcare Practice: Value Based Care 2.0 CME $99.99

In order for your organization to address the volume to value transition a bottom up approach is needed in which every provider in your practice pitches in.  But first you need a new skill set to use business solutions that keep your patients engaged and your practice profitable.  The goal is success, and it can’t be reached without a little knowledge to back you up.  Twelve hours, your own speed, your own time, your own schedule, is all it takes to empower you to take charge and do what needs to be done.


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